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Why Join

The Steelworkers Benefit Plan is a multi-employer health and welfare benefits plan, offering excellent value and flexibility to USW members and their families. Participation in the Plan is negotiated between Steelworkers and their employers. The Plan allows each USW bargaining unit to customize its own benefits package.

Why should you and your USW local become part of the Steelworkers Benefit Plan?

  • The Steelworkers Benefit Plan gives participating bargaining units flexibility and control of their benefits.
    • Individual bargaining units decide which benefits are most important to their members.
    • Individual bargaining units decide on which benefits their contributions should be spent.
    • Bargaining units can change or improve benefits at any time, even between contracts.
    • Employers have no role in approving benefit claims.
    • Individual bargaining units have direct access to all financial aspects of their benefit program.
    • Individual members can submit their claims electronically (including with mobile devices) and have their claims paid directly into their bank accounts.

The Steelworkers Benefit Plan is non-profit so all contributions received are used to provide benefits and pay Plan expenses.

The Plan provides access to virtually all types of health and welfare benefits, many of which are designed and priced specifically for the Steelworkers Benefit Plan. The Plan also provides access to the Steelworkers Dental Clinics, which offer faster appointments and quality dental care at competitive prices.